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Pensar Africa bringing All Things African and beautiful to the Americas (Latin, North and South American) market.

Pensar Africa’s mission is to ethically produce and source beautiful handmade products from all over Africa using only African raw materials.

Pensar Africa’s visions are:

To bring all positive and beautiful things created and manufactured in Africa by Africans.

To create jobs and opportunities for small scale business owners and local communities in African nations by working in partnership and mutual growth.

Products at Pensar Africa are created, produced and/or hand picked by me to assure best quality and value.

Pensar Africa is also committed to community and sustainability development projects in Africa.

Pensar worked with tailors in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Senegal to design and create clothing and home ware.

Join Pensar Africa in celebrating the richness of the African continent and supporting the growth of cultural ingenuity, one craft at a time…

About the founder: Fatima Kanji

Fatima Kanji was born and raised in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, went to University in Texas and has worked in Africa, America and Australia. Her career has mostly been in IT in the financial, manufacturing, distribution, software development and non profit industry.

Growing up Fatima hardly had any ready made clothes. Most of her clothes were second hand, hand me downs which were altered by her grandmother and tailors that exposed her to fabrics and the art of turning any fabric into clothing and home ware. In 2013, Fatima was fortunate to travel in East and West Africa, which reintroduced and ignited her love for custom made clothing using pure cotton African fabrics.

Fatima is a firm believer of “trade not aid” and decided to start Pensar Africa.

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