Afrika Yangu "My Africa" Men's Tee Shirt

Afrika Yangu "My Africa" Men's Tee Shirt

$ 25.00

Afrika Yangu (Swahili) which mean My Africa Tee Shirt is a collaboration with Martin Mokiwa, 29 years old from Ubungo, suburb of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Below is how he stared his art in his own words 🙏🏿🌍

Skills:before I was fine artist,painted on canvas,-I learn cubism art at Makumbusho,there was a program of Art studies&I took my time studied(self education) about cubism art

afrikancubism art: is an art from 20thcentury,-i found myself as an artist of cubism after read "PABLO PICCASO"(founder cubism)explained about cubism came from African sculptures&painting."